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Rubbish Removal Kent




Rubbish Removal Service Kent

Our Rubbish removal service Kent

Looking for a rubbish removal service near me ?

We are a local Kent based company.

Our skip hire alternative and cost-effective home and garden rubbish removal service can help you with all your rubbish clearances needs.

You can rely on our experienced rubbish removal team to deal with all your needs from the first contact we will then take away the stress and hassle from you.

We serve both domestic and commercial customers 7 days a week.

There is no requirement to hire a skip as we do all the work ourselves loading the vehicle and taking away there and then.

This saves you time, money and you don’t even have to load it!

We will ensure that we recycle as much of what we take away as possible.

Bacteria Busters remove any unwanted items and dispose of them responsibly.

We appreciate your guidance on what needs to be removed, but we will handle the rest of the clean-up ourselves and will make sure everything is clear.

Our service enables you to get rid of unwanted furniture, household goods and garden waste without the expense of hiring skips, if skips need to be left on the road you will need a permit and lights.

For a fast and affordable rubbish removal company contact the specialists today.

You can contact us by phone or email for a free quotation on your waste clearance requirements



Retail Shops


Construction Sites

And much more…

Our clearance team at Bacteria Busters can carry out a complete rubbish removal service in Kent. We can remove personal possessions, carpets, white household appliances, electrical equipment, clutter, and unwanted rubbish that you need to get rid of.

As specially trained rubbish clearance operatives, our clearance crews have the skills, knowledge, and experience to clear your home quickly and respectfully.

We have experienced loaders to make the most of the room we have to offer the best value rubbish clearance in Kent.

Why pay more for a skip and load it yourself when we can do the loading and the removal for you at a lower cost.
Rubbish Removal with no hidden costs
Rubbish Clearance


If you are looking for rubbish removal near you and are wondering what your options are, you are aware that fly tipping and littering can be hazardous to your health, as well as an eyesore for your neighbourhood. They attract unpleasant odours and pests, as well as creating a dangerous environment for wildlife, children, and pets.

A fly tipping conviction can result in up to a five year prison sentence, and it cannot be considered an alternative to paying to dispose of your rubbish legally.

There is a limit of 500kg that you can throw away at a local waste transfer station each year, but you need to separate it yourself and perhaps you have already used up that limit.


If you think that hiring a skip is the easiest option, that's understandable as many people are unaware of all that is involved in hiring a skip company and that some areas in London do not even allow them.

The first step is to find a skip hire company you are comfortable with and at a price you can afford. OK, so now you need to arrange for when you can get it delivered they then ask you about a skip license / permit at a cost of up to £165 then if you need one you will have to arrange that with you local council then they will ask you about a parking suspension at the cost of maybe £30 a day on average and how long will you need it for ? If you need to have your skip in the road you may need to put safety lights, markings on or around the skip  this could includes reflective markings, traffic cones , night safety alarms and also the name and contact number of your skip hire company and will need to contact your local council to find the exact rules in your area

If you do not put the required safety lights and markings you could be hit with a fine of up to £1000!

What about the items you can't put in a skip? In spite of your hard work loading it yourself, there may still be items you cannot put in your skip or that will incur additional charges on top and all you wanted to do was have a clear out of your old stuff and don’t forget the clearing up afterwards.

Suppose someone fly-tips in your skip It is important to be vigilant about the waste you place in your skip. You are responsible for it under the law. Your local authority should be contacted if you suspect someone has dumped rubbish in your skip.

Bacteria Busters can take all of this away from you as all you need to do is call us and we will arrive when you need and remove what you need on the day in one go.

Now doesn’t that sound much easier ?

Fly Tippping Warning


A Fly-Tipping Warning

Did you know that fly-tipping is punishable by up to five years in prison?

This criminal, anti-social act also carries an unlimited fine.

It is terrible for your health and devalues your neighbourhood.

Improperly discarded waste smells and attracts pests while putting the environment at risk.

It is important to dispose of your rubbish the right way. Beware of unlicensed waste carriers who fly-tip your waste. Police will trace it back to you, making you liable for any penalties.

It is the householder's responsibility to dispose of their waste safely and legally, as stipulated by law. Fly tipping is often carried out by illegal waste carriers who promise to take your waste away for a bargain price, but then dump it instead.

If the waste is dumped illegally, the waste could be traced back to you rather than the person who dumped it, and you would be held accountable.

Littering and dumping rubbish are antisocial and criminal acts and you could face a unlimited fine and a criminal record.

Rubbish Removal Price Guide

Rubbish Clearance Price Guide


Full load £365

Half Load £185

Fridge From £60

Fridge Freezer From £110

Mattress From £30

Sofa From £50

Shed Removal POA

Additional ULEZ charge will be applied

within the charge zone.

Why not take advantage of our sanitisation service after your clearance work is complete and feel safe that now all the rubbish has gone!

Loft Clearance


No permit or licence required

No loading yourself

You only pay for what we remove


What areas do you cover ?

We cover all over Kent and London providing our rubbish clearance.

As a householder am i responsible if a waste removal firm fly tips my rubbish ?

It is the householder's responsibility to dispose of their waste safely and legally, as stipulated by law. Fly tipping is often carried out by illegal waste carriers who promise to take your waste away for a bargain price, but then dump it instead. If the waste is dumped illegally, the waste could be traced back to you rather than the person who dumped it, and you would be held accountable.

What can i hire instead of a skip ?

Bacteria Busters are a excellent alternative to skip hire in London and Kent, we load for you and you do not have all the additional costs of a permit and parking suspension charge.

What rubbish removal services do you offer ?

We offer a full rage of removal services at Bacteria Busters including House Clearance - Flat Clearance - Builders Waste Clearance - Office Clearance - Shop Clearance - Warehouse Clearance - Garage Clearance

What does a skip permit cost in a London borough ?

Each London borough will have there own charge and also remember you may need a parking suspension change to be put in place at a additional cost per day to the permit. Please check your local council website.

Is fly tipping illegal ?

'Fly-tipping' is the illegal disposal of household, industrial, commercial, and other 'controlled' waste. This includes garden refuse and larger household items such as fridges and mattresses.

Are you licenced to carry out the work ?

Yes. We are fully licensed as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency and fully insured.

Do i get a receipt from you ?

Yes we give a invoice of the work carried out with full business details on and contact information.

Do you bring all of your own equipment ?

Yes out team of rubbish removal specialists bring all they need to remove and clean before they leave.

Would it help if i sent you in some pictures ?

Yes pictures are very helpful and will enable us to give you a estimated price before we arrive these can be sent via email or what's app.

How do i pay ?

You can pay via an electronic bank transfer or over the phone with a credit/debit card.

Junk removal cost ?

Our junk removal cost start from £185

If there is a problem, who can i call ?

Please telephone us on 0800 001 68 68, and we will do our utmost to resolve it immediately.

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