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Our ironing service in your home

Let us do your ironing for you!​

Wrinkle-free clothing is just a phone call away with our in house ironing service. ​​

Bored of hours spent slaving over your ironing pile?​

Put your feet up and let us do the hard work for you!​​

Crease-free clothing is key to looking your best, but ironing is the most monotonous, time-consuming chore. If our cleaners are already in your home, why not make the most of them?

No more piles of clothing: Let’s tackle that ironing before it builds up!​

No waiting around for collection and delivery: We iron in your home, so you come back to freshly pressed clothes!​

No more ruined clothes: Our cleaners are incredible at ironing. They won’t burn holes in your best silk shirt or create unnatural folds in your kids’ school trousers.

Creating hanger-fresh clothes with our ironing services in Kent​

If our domestic cleaning service is already in your home why not make full use of their skills? 

We charge the same hourly rate for ironing as we do for cleaning, working in your home to turn crinkled clothes into crease-free garments that make you look good!

It truly is one of the worst home chores and your ironing pile never seems to get any smaller! Our efficient, skilled team can keep on top of your household ironing, giving you one less tiresome job to think about. Add this to your routine cleaning schedule or book a stand-alone ironing service.​

Ironing isn’t just about removing wrinkles. The steam helps to kill bacteria and odours for the most hygienic finish. We also take care of your ironing board and iron, so they last longer.

Dread your ironing pile no longer! 

Contact us on 0800 001 68 68 and let us tackle it for you!

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