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"Decoding the Timeline: How Long Does an End of Tenancy Clean Take?"


Moving out of a rented property is often accompanied by a checklist of tasks, with one crucial item being the end of tenancy clean. This thorough cleaning process is not only a courtesy to the next tenant but is often a requirement outlined in lease agreements. In this blog, we'll explore the factors that influence the duration of an end of tenancy clean and provide insights into what tenants and cleaning professionals can expect in terms of time investment.

  1. Size and Condition of the Property:

The size and overall condition of the property significantly impact the time required for an end of tenancy clean. A smaller, well-maintained apartment may take a few hours, while a larger house with extensive wear and tear might require a full day or more. The existing cleanliness level also influences the duration, as a well-kept property generally requires less time than one that has been neglected.

  1. Scope of Cleaning Services:

The specific cleaning tasks included in the end of tenancy clean contribute to the overall time commitment. Basic tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning surfaces are standard, but additional services like carpet cleaning, window washing, and oven degreasing may extend the cleaning timeline. It's essential to have a clear understanding of the agreed-upon scope of work to estimate the time required accurately.

  1. Furnished vs. Unfurnished:

The presence of furniture and personal belongings affects the duration of the cleaning process. An unfurnished property generally allows for faster and more efficient cleaning, as there are fewer obstacles and surfaces to address. If the property is furnished, the cleaning team may need extra time to move and clean around furniture.

  1. Number of Cleaning Professionals:

The size of the cleaning team assigned to the job can significantly impact the cleaning timeline. A larger team may complete the work more quickly, but it's crucial to ensure that efficiency does not compromise the quality of the clean. The expertise and coordination of the cleaning professionals also play a role in determining how long the process will take.

  1. Advanced Preparation by Tenants:

The condition in which tenants leave the property plays a vital role in the efficiency of the end of tenancy clean. If tenants have taken steps to declutter and perform basic cleaning tasks before the professional cleaners arrive, the overall time required for the cleaning process can be reduced.


In summary, the duration of an end of tenancy clean is influenced by various factors, including the size and condition of the property, the scope of cleaning services, the presence of furniture, the number of cleaning professionals, and the level of preparation by tenants. It's advisable for both tenants and cleaning services to communicate effectively and establish clear expectations to ensure a smooth and efficient end of tenancy cleaning process. By understanding the variables involved, tenants can plan accordingly and leave their former homes in pristine condition, meeting both their contractual obligations and the expectations of future occupants.

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